Scanvogn – Office Trailer 320 (3.2 x 2.28 x 2.9 m)


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Portable offices treated to Australian wind and weather

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Model Name

4 Person Office with Water Flushing Toilet

Model Number


Internal Diamensions

3096 x 2176 x 2100 mm

External Diamensions

3200 x 2280 x 2900 mm

Own Weight

850 kg

Total Weight

1000 kg


4 people (6 people with no toilet)


Toilet with waste disposal, hand basin, mirror Fridge, coffee machine, notice board Fixed table 1200 x 690 mm, 4 chairs Windows: 1 1245 x 825 mm with shutter 2 towel holders, 4 coat hooks Attachable steps, free standing steps 15 L water heater LED light strip Electrical circuit panel


Office Trailer 320


The The office cabin is one of our most popular models and stands on many construction sites throughout Scandinavia. It is possible to upgrade the cabin with mini kitchen, utility room and extra shelves. All Scanvogn cabins are customisable so if the standard solution isn’t quite what you need,  you can make your portable bathroom exactly the way you want it. There is a range of additional options that can be included.


This model comes equipped with our standard flushing toilet waste disposal. For people who have a connection to external water and drainage on site, then this is the toilet solution for you. The toilet works like a normal toilet in the home (but with disposal for extra reliability) and therefore feels natural and comfortable. We supply the toilet in an upright or wall-mounted version, and with or without visible pipes. If the pipes are hidden, the cabin is built with a technical compartment, for easy servicing of the toilet. You can choose to change the toilet type to any of our 4 toilet types including Vacuum and combustion. Or you can choose to have your portable office without a toilet for additional space.

  • With water flushing toilet from $22,665
  • With toilet & grinder from $23,445
  • With Tank Toilet from $19,387
  • With no toilet from $19,784


The trailer is connected to a standard tow-bar and can be set up and ready in a few minutes. This makes it possible to move the unit from place to place quickly and efficiently without any hassle. The cabin is made of clean and durable materials, saving time for cleaning and maintenance.

Check out more information on the manufacturers website.


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