Car Trailers For SALE – Towing Car weights of 1300kg to 2850kg
Car trailers for sale, towing cars of all sizes, makes and models. Great for auto enthusiasts taking sports cars to the race track, or a tow company needing to pick up damaged cars on trailers. Hire companies would greatly benefit from adding these car trailers to their fleet for sustainable fleets and low maintenance.

Hot galvanised car trailers for sale. High-strength steel profiles with tie down holes ensure a lightweight yet strong construction with optimal grip. They all come standard with a wire winch, jockey wheel and either a 7 pin or 13 pin plug.

Rubber torsion independent suspension and low loading height for balanced towing. Load width 200 cm. Total weight 1500-3500 kg. Can be supplied with stop blocks, electric winch etc. as additional equipment.

Europe’s biggest trailer manufacturer using Knott overrun braking system, a dampened coupling with a hand brake, they also utilise a brake-away safety cable. Variant car trailers have a hot-dip galvanised plate floor and mudguards, a full steel plate floor is available at an extra cost.
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GVM rated from 2000 kg to 3500 kg all Australian compliant, our 3504 A4 car trailer model has a 2855 kg payload capacity with a low 645 kg tare weight! 2 year warranty is included on all of our Variant trailers. These trailers have a hydraulic tilting mechanism making ramps completely unnecessary. All of Variant car trailers have dual/tandem axle allowing for heavy duty loads.
Car Trailers for Sale – Sydney & Central Coast
These are the perfect car trailers for you if you live in Sydney or regional NSW, complete, tilt car trailers for sale which are multi-purpose and can be used for a range of tasks. If installed with a full width steel floor they can even be used for plant machinery and equipment. If you would rather an enclosed car trailer you can visit our enclosed trailers category, these models are available with ramps and have high payload capacities making them perfect for the carrying of cars, other vehicles and equipment. NSW rego can be organised on all of our trailers for an extra fee.

All Variant trailers are made using the finest quality components and with the best engineering capabilities and designs that Europe can offer. Although they are made in Denmark they meet every single Australian standard and are 100% suitable for Australian roads, these trailers even set the most advanced standards in safety worldwide.

They are completely rust protected and have several features that set them apart from competitors.

Safety Skid – Cast housing feature
Ease of Use – Knott hitch coupling enables easy manoeuvring
Night Light – White reverse light lenses for safe reversing and illumination
Night Safety – Safety white reflectors to the side and rear as standard
Coupling with lockable position – Lockable position for greater security when travelling
Strength – Best welding technology

To read more view the Variant Trailer features page.

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