Scanvogn portable office trailers available portaloo. low tare, balanced, insulated amenity trailer. Quiet, comfortable suitable for 4 up to 12 staff members. These cabin trailers are perfect for an on-site lunch room, workspace or meeting. Can be parked in the same as a single parking space.

Portable toilet option with a tank, macerator pumped or standard ceramic toilet, hand basin & mirror, as well as a fridge, coffee machine, notice board, Fixed table & chairs. Some larger models feature lockers for staff clothes, private storage as well. All lightweight portable office trailers are customisable to feature your extra needs.. We also build an Ecotrailer, self-sufficient with solar panels, gas and water for remote stand alone areas. Can be used for trackside, tunnel construction or civil roads infrastructure.

The Portable Kitchen Trailer is often used on building sites and at festivals, and those in need access to their own temporary kitchen. The ultimate sun safe, quite lunchroom or crib.
Manufactured by Scanvogn (Satellite Industries), feature sleek contemporary designs along with the highest insulative and thermal qualities on the market. Scanvogn trailers are used in mining, underground, gas exploration, construction and events industries.