Flatbed Trailers For Sale – Vehicles, Machinery & Plant
Flatbed Car Trailers
Tough heavy duty flatbed trailers for a wide range of purposes. Fully equipped with an aluminium floor bottom, 2.5 m ramps, wire winch and a heavy duty retractable jockey wheel. Total weight of flatbed trailers up to 3500kg.

Compact Wheel size 10″ or 13”. Internal bed dimensions available in 420 × 204 cm and 517 × 219 cm. Aluminium wheel stops and wheel straps can be retrofitted.
Variant Flatbed Trailers for sale in Erina, Australia
Variant flatbed car trailers – great for transporting a huge range of vehicles, with payloads as high as 2.800kg. They can carry compact, midsize, large or SUV cars with absolute ease.

The flattop trailers are available in a tandem trailer and tri-axle trailer. Perfect flat deck trailer for transporting machinery, vehicles and plant equipment, they also make a fantastic table top for workshop use. All of our flatbed trailers for sale use European Knott parabolic leaf spring suspension for ultimate comfort, safety and durability.

These trailers are built low to the ground so that moving your vehicles and equipment is easy, our ramps have an angle of 13 degrees on our 14 x 7 FT trailers and 14 degrees on our 17 x 7 FT models. This means equipment and machinery like scissor lifts, excavators, track loaders and the like can be easily manoeuvred onto the deck of the trailer.

These flatbed trailers are also available with removable aluminium sides, allowing the trailer to be used as both a box trailer and flatbed, there is also an LED light kit changeover available as an extra.

Our range also includes tipper trailers (3-way and one-way tipping), beaver tail car trailers, plant trailers, box trailers and tilt trailers.