Universal heavy duty tilt Trailers for sale near Central Coast

These large multi-purpose trailers are a mix between a box trailer, flatbed trailer and plant trailer. Perfect for a variety of uses including transporting long oversized materials, machinery, bobcats, etc. With the tilt function for easy drive on as well as easier dumping of materials.
With hydraulic tip, non-slip ramp, bolted chassis, tie hooks, removable sides and posts. 13 “compact wheel.  Internal lengths from 420 cm up to 620 cm.  Width 215 cm.
Total weight 2700 kg. (2 axles). Total weight 3500 kg. (2 and 3 axles).

All Universal Tilt Trailers come standard with powerful retractable jockey wheel and hydraulic ram pump.
When the cargo has been loaded up, the trailer bed is lowered, ramp can be closed and towing can be carried out from A2B.  

The Universal Tilt trailer is also equipped with 30 cm removable sides, detachable corner posts to turn into a flatbed, and internal lashing 1000kg rated tie downs for easily securing your load. All this gives the trailer multi combo applications.
Standard equipment on a Universal tilt Trailer

Heavy duty 90cm high tailgate machine ramp.
Powerful gas strut for back ramp.
Powerful retractable jockey wheel
8-10 internal 1000 daN Kg lashing rings.
Detachable corner posts
Glide slot easy hinges

Additional equipment available for Universal Tilt Trailer

Aluminium thread-plate base.
Extra tall sides.
High tarpaulin and frame- 205 cm
Electric winch with built-in charger for auto hauling
Winch bracket (mounted when sides are removed)
Manual Winch with wire