Custom trailer for sale to suit sales, advertising, storage, medical, research, decontamination, amenity, community tunnelling, crew crib or entrepreneur launch. Scanvogn can make specialised custom trailers for your specific needs. With fully internal customisation, anything is possible! Mechanical overrun braking -no electric brake controllers. Federally approved trailers with full compliance to RVS. Full acosutic and thermal insulation.

The Scanvogn team will work with you to create a cabin fully equipped with all your desires. Scanvogn is known for their minimalist contemporary design, innovation and high-quality craftsmanship. Using Alko chassis, braking and axle design – you know you will travel safely.

Strength, manageability, thermal comfort and hygiene is what you expect from welfare facilities, accommodation trailers, dining and office trailers, and mobile toilets and bathrooms. Bringing new standards to industries like Mining, Gas and the Construction, and Events. Our special trailers can include kitchens, sales showrooms, onsite event medical centres, acoustic offices, mobile showrooms or mobile testing trailers.

Keeping with the standards of high thermal insulation, double glazed windows and comfort for the user, you always get the best product.

View some of our previous custom made trailers for inspiration, and be sure to contact us to create your dream designs!