Auto-transporter trailers made for the transportation of cars & other automotive machinery from A 2 B. Manufactured by Variant who are the largest trailer manufacturer in Denmark and are known for the highest quality components, design engineering, and emphasis on safety.

These trailers are the best in strength, low weights, safety and longevity through galvanization. Our flatbeds, machine and car transportation trailers are designed to withstand the loading and heavy abuse that metal to metal from loaders and mini dumpers give.

These are the best in their class for getting your assets from A 2 B safely and with ease.

Car Trailers

Hot Galvanized car trailers. High-strength steel profiles with tie down holes ensure a lightweight yet strong construction with optimal grip.
4-pin special shaft with independent suspension and low loading height for optimum driving. Load width 200 cm. Total weight 1500-3500 kg. Can be supplied with a complete steel base, stop blocks, etc. as additional equipment

Flatbed Trailers

Convenient and useful for a wide range of purposes. Fully equipped with aluminium bottom, ramps, 2.5 m. Ramps, winch and jockey wheel. Total weight up to 3500 kg. Compact Wheel size 10 “or 13”. Charging Dimensions 420 × 204 cm and 517 × 219 cm. Alu wheel stops and wheel straps can be retrofitted to maintain vehicles.

Plant Trailers

Heavy duty plant trailers with strong back ramp for machine transportation. Strong trailers for transporting machines. Professional and hot galvanized machine trailer series – MAXI-LOAD. Strong fixed sides and 130 cm back ramp. Fully equipped with a platform for a shovel, leaf springs, spare wheel, alu-dash wheel shades, treadmills and powerful nose wheels. Several ladder sizes and total weight up to 3500 kg.

Beaver Tail Trailers

Heavy duty beaver tail trailers with beaver tail ramp. The well-known machine rails with angled rear (beavertail). Especially suitable for transportation of scissor lifts, road vehicles and equipment requiring low clearance. Sideways adjustable running lights, spare wheels, leaf springs, etc. make it unique in its class. Total weight from 3500 kg down to 1600 kg.

Combi Trailers

Small plant trailers. The lightweight machine rack with a high frame width of 135 cm. 13 “wheels mounted on the low loading side. Offered with brake and without brake. Total weight of 750 kg. up to 2000 kg. There is a large selection of additional equipment for the trailer series.

Universal Trailers

Large plant trailers. Combination of Box + Attached machine Ramp + Hydraulic Tipper. With hydraulic tip, non-slip ramp, bolted chassis, tie hooks, removable sides and posts. 13 “compact wheel mounted under the box. Charging length 420 cm. to 620 cm. Width 215 cm. Total weight 2700 kg. (2 axles). Total weight 3500 kg. (2 and 3 axles). $11,034 – $13,488