3-Way Hydraulic Tipper Trailers

Our new 3-Way hydraulic tipper trailers are for sale! Equipped with powerful buoyancy eyes and built-in drive rails. With a wide tip angle of 53 degrees for side tipping and 42 degrees for rear tipping. Coupled with an Electric hydraulic pump, manual emergency pump, built-in battery and charger. The 3-way tipper is perfect for offloading gravel, sand, rubble and other heavy loads. These tippers are designed and manufactured in Denmark by Variant, more so they are made using hot dipped galvanised steel chassis and strong aluminium sides. Featuring mechanical overrun brakes and tandem axles, the strongest and most heavy duty of our 3-way tippers is the 3519 TB 12 x 6 FT. This trailer has a tare weight of 1,020 kg but can carry an enormous payload of 2.5 tonne! Rest assured that you will not have any troubles moving your loads from point A 2 B. Come check out our wide range of tipper trailers for sale now at our Central Coast store.