The Variant enclosed trailers for sale are designed for ergonomics, maximum load use and the protection of your goods getting from A2B. Enclosed trailers are manufactured using sandwiched laminated plywood by Variant, who are known for their extremely high quality, durable and safe trailers.

The cargo trailers we offer have a lighter weight body structure than any other enclosed cargo trailers on the market. Easy to clean both inside and out due to their smooth surfaces. The large flat outside surface makes them a billboard perfect for vinyl advertising wrapping. The trailers also come equipped with interior tie-down lashing rails to secure cargo internally.

These trailers can be manufactured to have a side door or sales side hatch for additional accessibility. The best, strongest and lightest enclosed cargo trailers you will find in Australia!

Enclosed Cargo Trailers
Enclosed trailers with doors or ramp. Ideal as a moving trailer for the transport of goods, for workshop design and as an exhibition trailer with side Hatch. The floor base is with a durable and non-slip surface. ALL models are with a transparent roof (except the model 752 DC2 which has an opening roof). Extra optional equipment is offered, including interior lighting, extra door or hatch opening, rear supports, lashing rails, etc.
Enclosed Trailers Pro
Large and spacious trailers built in foam panels with beautiful glass fibers cladding.
Comes with dual rear doors, both with heavy duty locks. Compact Wheel under the box is low loading height. Lockable ramp drawers are also standard equipment. Beautiful and strong trailer series, which can be equipped with an open hatch opening on the side for exhibition use.
The Perfect Workshop Trailers
A constructor and craftsman’s trailer. Ideal for transporting work tools and machinery. Perfect for large and small construction sites. These trailers are fitted as standard with 4 prop stands and a jockey wheel. A powerful locking device across the door, making it difficult to break up the trailer.