Cargo Trailer 3021 C4 – 3,000Kg – 4.09 x 1.99 x 2.08m

Large tandem enclosed box van trailer. 4m long inside and 2,140kg payload capacity,  perfect for transporting luggage, bulk materials, business goods & other cargo. Can be manufactured with side hatch. Hot dipped galvanised steel chassis for durability and longevity. Twin axles with mechanical overrun brakes.

As a Danish concept, Variant sets design standards in Australian trailer engineering quality, new sizing – return on your trailer investment. The resulting longevity of quality trailer components will continue delivering service for years to come. Flat bed trailers from 1.5m to 6.2m long, Weatherproof plywood or steel floor, from 1.4m to 2.5m wide. Low tare & low coupling weight, high strength – hot-dip galvanised chassis. Federally approved to RVSA 2023. German mechanical override braking, breakaway cable, auto-reverse, balanced centre of gravity load trailer. No need for electric brake controller. Suitable for companies with multiple trailer use, fleet and hire, mining, civil and trackside.

Our trailer yard is in Erina, Central Coast. We have customers in and also deliver to Sydney, Newcastle, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory.


Closed Cargo Trailer 3021 C4

Large and spacious trailers built in foam panels with beautiful  fibre glass cladding. Comes with dual rear doors, both with heavy duty locks. Compact spare wheel underneath the box, and the unit has a low loading height. Lockable ramp drawers are also standard equipment. Beautiful and strong trailer series, which can be equipped with an open hatch opening on the side for exhibition use.

This is our smallest sized unit in the “large cargo” category.

  • More than 400,000 sold trailers are our guarantee of quality, safety and comfort.
  • Our chassis frames are hot dipped galvanised and with high demands on quality, safety and reliability – that’s why we develop the very strongest and sturdiest trailers you will find from Europe.
  • New rated Tubeless radials on all wheels.
  • Using either Knott rubber torsion suspension system or axle leaf spring systems for greater road stability.
  • With safety white reflectors to the front, amber reflectors to the side and red to the rear as standard.
  • Bright White safety reversal light.
  • Our Knott Braking system is of the mechanical overrun type – the hydraulically dampened overrun control device includes drum braking to all wheels, a dedicated handbrake and auto reverse mechanism.
  • TUV load securing system with lashing brackets integrated into the side edges.
  • Heavy profiled aluminium front, rear and side panels.
  • When choosing your trailer, tare weights are lower meaning greater payloads, smoother towing and overall reduced fuel consumption.
  • Our trailers are designed to get the job done in the right situation.
  • We deliver to business, government and private individuals, fleet and hire.
  • Extra weather treatments can be added to your trailer to increase protection against atmosphere and increase weather repellence.


35cm double profile aluminium sides – fantastic business marketing/advertising panels. Rubber torsion independent suspension. Low tare -max payload.
Low coupling weight, balanced centre of gravity load trailer. Designed for towing not dragging your loads. Tie down brackets (built-in) -either side.
Full RVS approved with ADR approved mechanical overrun brakes and emergency breakaway cable – no electric control needed.
Two-year warranty, full-service support. Parts -spares available 24/7.


Optional Extras Available With This Model:

  • Int. lighting LED- Light up inside trailer.
  • Extra door inside 76 × 159 cm- Easy access into trailer.
  • Sales slips inside 275 × 135 cm (Hatch)- Easy access into trailer.
  • Tie Down rails inside- Secure items to longitudinal sides.
  • Crossbar for Tie Down rail- Secure items to front wall of trailer.
  • Aluminium Floor- Increase trailer life and provide a non-slip flooring.
  • LED light set exterior- Replacement lights in case of an accident.
  • Driving ramps 4000 kg 200 cm- Easy loading and unloading of heavy auto or machinery to trailer.
  • Shock absorbers (excl. Approved)- Smoother towing of trailer with these to absorb or dampen the compression and rebound of the springs and suspension.
  • Standard Spare Wheel with bracket- Good to have a spare in case of puncture.


For additional trailer information, see the “Specifications” section above, or the Variant Trailers website.

Variant trailers are designed and manufactured in Denmark with maximum quality and strength, sometimes the trailer for sale may not be one of the trailers in stock. We pride ourselves with the finest of quality & crafted galvanised trailers for sale, that will suit your needs with designs to meet your trailer requirements. When searching Google or Bing- trailers for sale, think robust, tough, capacity, weight, ease of use and towability, for maximum return on your investment. Contact us to order your trailer now!

Additional information

Weight5 kg


Product Code

3021 C4


Closed-Pro Series

Internal Dimensions (LxWxH)

409x199x208 cm

Total Dimensions (LxWxH)

558x210x277 cm

Rear Opening Dimensions (WxH)

199 × 208 cm

Tare Weight

860 kg

Total Weight (ATM)

3,000 kg

Payload Capacity

2,140 kg

Loading Height

56 cm


10", 5 Studs, 4 Wheels


2 Axles, With Brakes

Side Material

Foam Panel with Fiberglass Coating 52mm

Floor Material

Phenolic Plywood 18mm

Interior Tie Down Anchor Points

8 Hooks

Other Included Features

Jockey Wheel, Ramp Drawers, Rear Doors With Built-In Lock

Optional Extras

Aluminium Floor Material, Crossbar for Lashing Rail, Driving Ramps 4000kg 260cm, Extra Door In Side 76 x 185 cm, Interior LED Lighting, LED Lights Kit with Control Box, Sales Door In Side 320 x 185cm, Tie Down Rails Inside

Rough Size In Feet


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