Need a small box trailer for landscaping, utility, taking rubbish to the tip, gardening or camping? These small box trailers are for you.

Personal box trailers for sale up to 2,000 kg total weight. Manufactured by Variant. Choose from steel trailer sides or aluminium sides, all have a hot dipped galvanised steel chassis.

These box trailers have a low tare weight for easy manoeuvring. Single and tandem axle available. Perfect for use around the home, gardening, landscaping, transporting goods and weekend camping trips. Perfect size for bin storage or transfer, two fishing kayaks, -just see the options.

All models come with a wide range of optional equipment such as cage sides (up to 600mm), tarp canopies, ladder racks, jockey wheels, LED light kits etc.
Single axle trailers without brake.
Total weight 500 or 750 kg.
Steel trailer sides.
Wheels mounted on the side of the box.
Tonnau knobs & interior lashing rings.
Trailers with tilt for loading and unloading goods.
Trailers with extra tall 60 cm sides.
Perfect for vacation, house & garden. Good for transporting small machines, wheelbarrows, tools and garden waste.
Single axle trailers, with & without brakes.
Total weight 750kg or 1,350kg.
35 cm high aluminium sides.
Wheels mounted on the side of the box.
Tarp Knobs & Interior lashing rings.
Smooth lightweight sides perfect for all family members. Great for holidays,  moving home and small businesses.
Without brakes.
All opened & removable 45 cm high steel sides.
10″ or 13″ wheels under the box for tight spaces.
Higher loading heights, meaning less bending to load.
Single & twin axle trailers.
With and without brakes.
Total weight up to 2,000 kg.
Steel sides. Opening tailgate end.
13″ wheels mounted to the side of the box.
Heavy Duty Box Trailers
Single, dual & tri-axle trailers.
All models are braked.
Total weight up to 3,500 kg.
Aluminium sides.
13″ wheels mounted underneath the box.

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