Scanvogn has 30+ years experience in designing and manufacturing lightweight innovation on wheels. The Scanvogn range of trailer cabins includes welfare facilities, accommodation trailers, dining and office trailers, and mobile toilets and bathrooms for industries like Mining, Gas, Construction, Film, Council, and Events. If you have any portable building needs, a Scanvogn cabin trailer can solve it!

Scanvogn is known for their sleek contemporary designs, high-quality craftsmanship, and exceptionally lightweight insulated sandwich panels. This means a user-friendly design, modern technology, optimum use of space and the absolute best construction quality on the market.

All Scanvogn cabin trailers are also fully customisable to suit your exact needs. With a range of toilet types and optional extras that can be added to standard designs, or a completely customised layout with your imagination the only restriction. Toilets like gravity flush, macerator or vacuum are your choice to fit your situation.

Premium Quality & Exceptionally long lifetime

Optimum Density

Scanvogn cut all the outer walls with a seam and fit them so that the angle seals closely around the floor. We also cut the corners with a seam and assemble them with sturdy anodized aluminium profiles. This results in a cabin with maximum strength and density and ensures you get the highest quality. We produce our own sandwich panels to ensure the highest quality. The panels are processed after glueing on our CNC machine. The surface is coated the market’s best UV stabilised fiberglass, containing a very high number of fibers for optimal strength and additives, which ensure a shiny white cabin for many years to come.

Solid-Case Curved Roof

All our units come with a solid-cast roof. This ensures your cabin is weatherproof in all conditions and also significantly increases its lifetime. The roof is cast with an even bend for optimal strength and water drainage. The roof has a gutter system, which helps direct water and dirt away from doors and windows.

Optimum Protection

We only allow the highest standards for corrosion protection. All our cabins come with a sturdy heat-galvanised chassis. Galvanisation is only done once the chassis has been mechanically processed so that all the edges and bolt holes have also been galvanised.

Strong Materials

All our table tops are made exclusively from dark compact laminate. Compact laminate is a thinner and harder version of the well-known laminate table top, which has a light and modern look. Table tops in compact laminate are also less susceptible to scratches, resulting in improved hygiene. We use specially made components in many areas of our cabins. With 20+ years experience we know the problems that poor quality conventional components can cause our customers. That’s why we continually invest and develop new parts, when standard products don’t meet our customers’ requirements. As a leading manufacturer, we are able to put some of the best products on the market direct from suppliers. This enables us to cut out costly middlemen while increasing the quality of our sub-components. A direct relationship with our suppliers also means that we can work with them to improve components.

Minimalistic Design

Our vehicles are designed to make full use of space and have a stylish look that gives you a feeling of space and comfort. All vehicles use LED strips for a comfortable white and energy-efficient light. The cabin is made from cleaning-friendly and durable materials, saving you time on cleaning and maintenance.

Extensive Knowledge

Scanvogn’s roots are based in the construction industry, which is why we have extensive experience of producing portable cabins for this industry. Our aim is to give the builder the most effective work tool with a long lifetime.

Designed to suit the stringent requirements of local councils, government agencies, the private sector, large & small businesses and individuals. These vehicles have a fully galvanised chassis, are all steel framed, fully insulated, fully fibreglass clad, and have a range of inclusions customised to each application.