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Quality & Strength – The Best European Trailers for sale in Australia.

Strong heavy duty, quality trailers with mechanical braking

Australia’s largest supply of Europe’s leading manufacturers of quality, trailers for sale.

# New modern trailer designs for high safety and ease of use  – new focus on low tare weights for maximum payload, giving you increased fuel efficiency and sustainability. More savings, more quality, more trailer for you to get from A to B.

July 2024 Trailer Pricing Now Available – Updated Pricing Now Available Online for Variant Trailers

Superior quality steel in our durable trailer couplings, trailer bodies and trailer chassis, great European engineering & design, including euro mechanical overrun braking (3.5 t) with emergency breakaway. No-electric controllers. Maximum trailer safety comes from a low centre of gravity for balanced trailer towing, low tare trailer weight and low coupling weight. We have a great range of trailers for sale whether you need a flatbed trailer in Sydney or a three-way tipper in Newcastle, a tabletop car transporter in NSW or a tilt ray autotransporter in Victoria. Call now.

Q: What will a heavy-duty load capacity trailer axle with rubber torsion or parabolic leaf suspension system give you?    A: Extremely high payload trailer with the best single axle, tandem or tri-axle transport from Variant or Scanvogn for safety and durability.

Variant and Scanvogn trailer manufacturers build durable and tough trailers with low coupling weights,  ideal for Australian roads.

From Scanvogn, we have Crew Cribs, Amenity trailers, Mobile Disaster Recovery Trailers, Portable shower trailers, Portable Bathrooms on wheels, Portable Office trailers or the superior Decontamination trailers for hygiene.

From Variant – we have small lightweight trailers (Perfect for EV’s) for camping, wheelie/otto bin loading, single kayak towing or sustainable the Eco tradie trailer. Large flatbed trailers with full removeable sides, utility trailers or tilt tray trailers for maximum palletising or general large goods carrying, Govi mounted refrigerated trailers with very high load capacity and great thermal insulation – power savings. Tipping trailers to suit small narrow city roads or footpath/driveway side tipping, auto or machine plant trailers with balanced axle positions for smoother driving and safer towing.

Have you seen the largest range of low tare trailers? Or the biggest plant/machine trailers under 3.5t?   A2B is at the forefront of Australian trailer compliance with RVSA compliance – (VSB1-V6) or search ROVER for Variant and Scanvogn. Every great trailer we sell and every use you have, is about safety and usability for you, the consumer.     Where would you see the largest range of European trailers, portable bathroom trailers for sale, mobile ensuite trailer for sale, tipper trailers – one and three way tipping, the largest lightest flatbed trailers for sale with the biggest payloads?

Q: Have you seen the smallest, easiest-to-use trailers with the lowest tare and ATM?  A: Whether you drive a small car or an electric car – these trailers are so tidy. Considering camping! Gardening on acreage! Towing water sports equipment! Self-employed machine driver!  Vintage car enthusiast!  Professional construction or small builder!  We have the best, most innovative and durable transport tools (trailers) for you.
A2B trailers can deliver your trailer to New South Wales, Victoria, ACT, South Australia, Western Australia, Or Queensland – give us a call, we love to hear from you or transport to you.

Our Trailer Types

Heavy-duty, lightweight and modern design - safe trailers

High-quality, heavy-duty galvanised trailer chassis with mechanical override braking and emergency breakaway systems – no electric controllers needed.    Quality trailers built with attention to detail, pride and precision – using German-engineered components for longevity, durability, safety and the ultimate towing experience. Trailer compliance with ECE and ADR – using only the best trailer parts suppliers like Knott and AlKo across Europe.
Have you seen our large choice of – Boat, Kayak and Canoe Trailers? Tran-sporty…  How about our accessibility and mobility Trailers, Flatbed and Table Top Trailers, and Tilt-bed Trailers?

As a professional builder, how could you make use of our Tipper (1-way and 3-way) Trailer, Plant and Machinery Trailer? It’s a massive time saver.

Bring your vintage or sports car down for a test on the Car (auto-transport) Trailer.  Would a comfortable, silent, dust-free, cool Office or site Trailer make every day the ultimate onsite experience? For greater customer satisfaction -we advise hire and fleet companies to look at our Sanitary (ablution), Toilet and shower trailers.

So, what industries do A2B trailers not cater for? Good question, and so many as  we do have trailers for – Agricultural and Event, Construction and Mining, Council, Commercial and Small businesses –

Do we have a trailer, haulage solution to your transportation needs?  Yes… : ) Come and ask our friendly team for advice.

Danish quality and design, European style and strength, world-class”.     Our Variant 2023 Trailer Catalogues are out now!

The Best Aluminium and Galvanised Trailers

Imported From Europe

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