Accommodation Trailer 730 Model A – Bunk Beds (7.3 x 2.48 x 2.9 m)

4 person portable accommodation unit fully equipped with bathroom, kitchenette and 2 sets of bunk beds at either end. The perfect staff caravan for on-site jobs or as a tiny home in the back yard.
AL-KO CHASSIS – Using German AL-KO parts on all standardized chassis to ensure you one of the best trailer systems on the market. Rubber torsion-independent suspensions make a smoother ride with maximum protection of goods being carried.
VISABILITY – All external vehicle lights are high and low, high-quality LED sealed for high visibility whilst travelling.
BEST PROTECTION – Galvanizing is carried out after the chassis has been mechanically machined so that all edges and bolt holes are also protected.
FULLY MOLDED CURVED ROOF – Molded roof with a smooth curvature to optimize strength and direct water/snow and dirt away from the centre of the roof to the gutter -front and rear.
GUTTER SYSTEM – Directional gutters along the sides to gutter at each gable to direct water and dirt away from users, doors and windows.
DURABLE PANELS – Using UV-stabilised bright white fibreglass which contains a high number of fibres for best strength and durability. Totally weatherproofed and the perfect base for vinyl wrapping.
EU – CERTIFIED – All our standard windows are gas-filled double glazing for extreme thermal efficiency, and screen boxes and lights are EC certified. Our wagons can therefore be driven legally throughout the EU and Au, in extreme heat and cold.
STRONG WALLS – All external walls are seam cut and placed so that the angles close tightly around the floor for maximum strength and tightness.
ENERGY-FRIENDLY LIGHT – Using daylight white LED light strips in all rooms, which gives you a comfortable white and energy-friendly light with a modern look.
SPECIAL COMPONENTS – We produce several of our own sub-components ourselves, so we can offer you higher quality at a reasonable price.
GUARANTEED SPARE PARTS – We have a large spare parts warehouse, where most parts can be shipped from day to day.
COMPACT LAMINATE – All our table tops are high-density compact laminate which will not rot or create mould. This makes them resistant to water and humidity & bacteria. Excellent for testing or catering rooms.
TOUCH-FREE FITTINGS – Option to choose touch-free fittings or toilet flush. (Specific to Covid-19 compliance) With durable/fully washable materials, so you spend as little time on cleaning and maintenance as possible.
SPACIOUS – With ceiling heights of 2100mm and bigger and widths from up to 2380mm, we pride ourselves on having the most spacious models.
TOWABILITY – Our trailer systems use lightweight low-tare strong chassis, combined with very lightweight panels, we know we have the lightest, most efficient mobile room system available. Overrun mechanical all-wheel drum braked, with breakaway safety cables and independent handbrake – there is no adjustment needed by the user.
ROI – All in all, with great resale values, this gives you the best business investment, easiest to manage, most sustainable fuel-saving mobile trailer system, on the market.


Mobile home for everyone

The trailer is often used around construction sites when it is necessary for the staff to stay at the place for long periods of time. It is also used at larger festivals for guests who wish to live under more comfortable conditions as well as families temporarily unable to access their own homes.

Easy to use and clean

The trailer is connected to a standard towbar and can be set up and ready in a few minutes. This makes it possible to move the trailer from place to place quickly and efficiently without any hassle. The trolley is made of clean and durable materials, saving time for cleaning and maintenance.

Dimensions & Weight

External: 7300 x 2480 x 2900 mm

Internam: 7196 x 2376 x 2100 mm

Weight: 2050 kg

Total weight: 2200 kg

Capacity: 4 people


Toilet with waste disposal, shower cabinet, hand basin

Countertop with sink, ceramic hob, hood, oven, fridge

3 bottom cupboards, 3 top cupboards, 3 tall cupboards

Fixed table 1200 x 690 mm, 4 chairs

4 bunk beds with box mattresses

Windows: 1 1245 x 825 mm, 2 663 x 1180 mm, 1 510 x 410 mm

Technical compartment, attachable steps (stairs)

5 radiators

Plumbing and electricity

400 V – 16 A CEE Input, 230 V – 16 A CEE Output

30 L water heater

LED light ribbon

electrical switchboard

Ideal For

Scanvogn portable accommodation block trailers are ideal for a range of industries and applications such as:

  • Music Festivals
  • Catering & Hospitality Events
  • Field Day Events
  • Glamping Grounds
  • Horse & Country Events
  • Motor Racing
  • Construction & Demolition Sites
  • Exhibitions & Shows
  • Outdoor Events
  • Private Functions
  • Sporting Events

The trailers provide clean and hygienic accommodation facilities for customers, guests and staff.

Additional information

Weight5 kg