Scanvogn – Toilet House (3.2 x 2.28 x 2.9 m)


Portable Toilet House

Toilet Hut

The transportable is made of sandwich elements coated with wood according to customer preference. The trailer is built on a powerful hot-dip galvanized steel frame with lifting holes for forklift trucks. It is especially suitable for natural and cultural areas where an aesthetically nice solution is desired, which naturally falls into the environment. The house comes with water heaters, radiators, hand driers and energy efficient LED lighting as standard.

All Scanvogn cabins are customisable so if the standard solution isn’t quite what you need,  you can make your portable toilet house exactly the way you want it. There is a range of additional options that can be included.

Toilet Type

The toilet house consists of two toilet rooms and a separate technical compartment. It uses Jet’s water-saving vacuum toilet system and has inbuilt tanks for water and waste. This means that the house can handle up to 1500 visits before the tanks need emptying and refilling.

Easy to use and clean

The inside consists of fibreglass with hidden piping and wall-mounted fixtures that give the user a sense of cleanliness and comfort. The smooth surfaces make the toilet resistant to moisture and odour. The obstruction-free floor means that the toilet can be cleaned quickly and efficiently.


Additional information

Weight5 kg


Model Name

Toilet House

Model Number


Internal Dimensions

3096 x 2176 x 2100 mm

External Dimensions

3200 x 2280 x 2900 mm

Own Weight



Around 1500 visits


Vacuum toilet, urinal, 2 hand basins with tempo tap Jumbo toilet paper holder, trash bag holder Technical room with extra wide door 3 door pumps, 2 external LED lights with sensors Windows: 2 510 x 410 mm Ventilation Radiator 230 V – 16 A CEE inlet 1200 L drainage tank, 2 400 L water tank 2 tank level indicators with sms module 15 L water heater LED light strip Electrical circuit panel