Scanvogn – Ticket Booths Trailer (5.7 x 2.28 x 3.1 m)

Custom made Ticket Booths, completely portable made in Denmark for optimum quality and durability. Made with a hot dipped galvanised steel chassis, contact us to enquire today.

Additional information



Model Name

Model 420 Custom Special

Internal Dimensions

5596 x 2176 x 2300 mm

External Dimensions

5700 x 2280 x 3100 mm

Total Weight

2500 kg


400 V – 32 A CEE Input. Battery, charger, hydraulic pump, Water heater throughput, 500 L water tank, 260 L sewage tank, LED light ribbon, electrical switchboard.


Ticket Booths Trailer

We produce sales trailers for a variety of purposes. It is therefore rare that two sales trailers have the same layout and facilities. This ticket booths trailer is characterized by the portable sales trailer, however has a counter for serving customers as well as professional appliances and equipment for industry and industry.

Large number of options – Customisable Ticket Booths

Our sales cars are used on many occasions. For example, for serving food, ice cream and drinks as well as for sale of merchandise and tickets. In addition, we also supply sales cars in several sizes from the 320 model up to the 730 model. In other words, it is only imagination that sets limits.

Example (420 coffee bar)

Scanvogn kitchen wagon 520
Target & weight
  • Udv: 5700 x 2280 x 3100 mm

    Inside: 5596 x 2176 x 2300 mm

    Weight: N / A kg

    Total weight: 2500 kg

  • facilities

    Sales disk 4096 x 610 mm

    Table top 2756 x 610 mm

    Wide sales cap with gas springs, lowered chassis

    1 piece of advertising tag on the roof, 2 pcs of advertising signs on the gable

    3 shelves under the worktop, 4 shelves over the worktop

    3 pieces of softclose drawers, 3 shelves on the left wall

    Soap holder + Jumboholder

  • Plumbing and electricity

    400 V – 32 A CEE Input

    Battery, charger, hydraulic pump

    Water heater throughput

    500 L water tank, 260 L sewage tank

    LED light ribbon

    electrical switchboard

Ideal For

Scanvogn portable ticket booth trailers are ideal for a range of industries and applications such as:

  • Music Festivals
  • Catering & Hospitality Events
  • Field Day Events
  • Glamping Grounds
  • Horse & Country Events
  • Motor Racing
  • Construction & Demolition Sites
  • Exhibitions & Shows
  • Outdoor Events
  • Sporting Events


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