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Hydraulic Tipper Trailers

These tipper trailers have inclusive features like leaf springs, tandem axles, powerful overrun brakes, double hinged flap, hydraulic trailer tipping, and a built-in battery charger.

We have 3-way tippers and 1-way tipper trailers for sale and available. You can also control the tipping functionality with a mobile phone app!

Manufactured by Variant, you will not see greater strength or quality in tipper trailers anywhere else. With the single way tipper or the awesome three way side tipper – they are the best. Our tippers offer tare weights as low as 800 kg but utilise on huge carrying capacities up to 2,600 kg!

All of our Variant trailers are designed and built to last in Australian conditions, they also come with a 2 year Warranty!

Included Tipper Trailer Features

  • Remote Controlled Tipping
  • A Protective Bracket to Stop Bottoming Out
  •  Heavy duty tie down points (500kg each) 6-8 Hooks
  •  All 4 Removable sides
  • A minimum back tip angle of 45 degrees & side tip angle of 47 degrees
  • Heavy duty chassis and body
  • No electric brakes removing unnecessary complications – utilises overrun braking (Australian Standard Compliant)
  • Guaranteed High Quality Design and Build

Not to mention these galvanised tandem trailers have total weights (ATM) ranging from 1,350 kg up to 3,500 kg!


Made with an extra hard-wearing and durability design with a fully welded and galvanized chassis and chisels. Electric hydraulic pump, manual emergency pump, built-in battery and remote control are standard.

Built-in rear lock and powerful contractor jockey wheel. Our 1-way tippers offer superior quality for a better price, our trailers have a fully galvanised steel chassis and aluminium sides. There’s nothing these tippers won’t be able to handle.


These new hydraulic tipping trailers are equipped with powerful buoyancy eyes, built-in drive rails, and a wide tip angle for all sides.

Electric hydraulic pump, manual emergency pump, built-in battery and charger are standard. Our 3-way tippers have the best in state of the art design and quality, with removable sides, tie down hooks and huge carrying capacities.


1-way electric hydraulic tippers with sturdy step sides and aluminium mud guards with tread. Similar to the Machine and Beavertail transporters. It’s perfect for transporting and dumping heavy construction loads.


We also have a range of trailers without the electric hydraulic option, we call these “Tilt Tip”. They often have a lower tip angle. Most of them use a hand pump hydraulic system to tilt the bed. Such as the Uni Trailers, Car Transporters & Machine Transporters.

Head into our Central Coast office and check out the wide range of tip trailers for sale today!

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