Freezer Trailer 2719 F4 – 2,700Kg – 402 x 1.70 x 1.81m


Tandem Freezer trailer with a 4m long inside and 1,610kg payload capacity, perfect for transporting ice cream, slushies,  frozen veggies and other frozen produce. A giant esky! Cooling down to -20 ° C, hot dipped galvanised steel chassis for durability and longevity. Dual axle with mechanical overrun brakes.

As a Danish concept, Variant sets design standards in Australian trailer engineering quality, new sizing – return on your trailer investment. The resulting longevity of quality trailer components will continue delivering service for years to come. Flat bed trailers from 1.5m to 6.2m long, Weatherproof plywood or steel floor, from 1.4m to 2.5m wide. Low tare & low coupling weight, high strength – hot-dip galvanised chassis. Federally approved to RVSA 2023. German mechanical override braking, breakaway cable, auto-reverse, balanced centre of gravity load trailer. No need for electric brake controller. Suitable for companies with multiple trailer use, fleet and hire, mining, civil and trackside.

Our trailer yard is in Erina, Central Coast. We have customers in and also deliver to Sydney, Newcastle, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory.


Freezer Trailer 2719 F4 -Govi Arktik

Check out the Trailer Information section for specs.

Our smaller freezing trailers are: , 1315 F2, 2017 F3. We also offer a range of cooling trailers. Govi Arktik freezer heavy insulated trailers for sale. Minimal thermal loss.


Why Choose Variant

At Variant trailers Australia we believe in providing customers with the highest quality and utmost safety. The features of our trailers are un-matched by our competitors and we hope you see that we truly are the best in the industry. More than 400,000 sold trailers are our guarantee of quality, safety and comfort.

More than 400,000 sold trailers are our guarantee of quality, safety and comfort.
Our chassis frames are hot dipped galvanised and with high demands on quality, safety and reliability – that’s why we develop the very strongest and sturdiest trailers you will find from Europe.
New rated Tubeless radials on all wheels.
Using either Knott rubber torsion suspension system or axle leaf spring systems for greater road stability.
With safety white reflectors to the front, amber reflectors to the side and red to the rear as standard.
Bright White safety reversal light.
Our Knott Braking system is of the mechanical overrun type – the hydraulically dampened overrun control device includes drum braking to all wheels, a dedicated handbrake and auto reverse mechanism.
TUV load securing system with lashing brackets integrated into the side edges.
When choosing your trailer, tare weights are lower meaning greater payloads, smoother towing and overall reduced fuel consumption.
Our trailers are designed to get the job done in the right situation.
We deliver to business, government and private individuals, fleet and hire.
Extra weather treatments can be added to your trailer to increase protection against atmosphere and increase weather repellence.


All Variant Trailers use new rated Tubeless radials. A radial Tyre features transverse radial plies, that run perpendicular to the direction of travel, this assures less heat buildup and a softer ride.

Variant tyres are rated C for fuel efficiency, driving in wet conditions and ‘ medium ‘ for sound rating.

Rolling Resistance A to G is A measurement of fuel efficiency for the vehicles. The energy lost when the Tyre is rolling on the road surface, the lower the resistance the greater the fuel reduction and CO2 levels. A is the best performing bulls and G being the lowest.

Wet Grip A to G providers a sliding scale with information regarding the Grip ability of a Tyre in wet conditions. Higher performance tyres in this category would have shorter braking distance as opposed to lower performing ratings. A indicates the highest performance and G the lowest.

Noise 67 to 79 Db measures the amount of noise the Tyre gene rates. Usually on the Tyre label itself one black wave indicates the least amount of noise generated from the bulls. Three waves mean the highest amount of noise. This is measured in decibels. The higher the Db the greater the noise level.


Our our trailers use either knot suspension system or axle leaf spring systems for greater road stability. These are used in conjunction with either solid steel beam axles or rubber & steel compression axles.


With the mechanical overrun system – the hydraulically dampened overrun control device is made up of six main elements that control and operate the braking system.
1. The Housing
2. The Draw Tube
3. The Overrun Lever of Brake Link
4. The Damper
5. The Hand/Parking Brake
6. The Energy Store Unit

The handbrake, in conjunction with the energy store, is used to apply the brakes when the trailer is parked. The actuating force for the wheel brake is generated during the braking of the towing vehicle, as the trailer tends to overrun and pushes the draw tube in. The actuating force for the wheel brake is generated at the overrun device through overrunning action of the trailer (FORWARD BRAKING), reversal of trailer by the towing vehicle (AUTO-reverse), or operation of the hand/parking brake.

Innovative Technology

The oil steaming to the spring in the energy store allows gentle and progressive application of the handbrake once the handbrake has passed “over the centre”. No more sudden surprises or even injuries.

Safety Skid

The safety skid is an integral feature of the cast housing and protect the overrun liver and handbrake liver from damage from sleeping policemen and other objects under the trailer.

Ease of Use

The Variant/Knott Hitch coupling enables easy manoeuvring of the trailer, by using hitch or handbrake liver, this often leads to damage or dirty hands.

Night Light

All our trailers come as standard with white reverse light lenses for safe reversing and enhanced viewing through mirrors or reversing cameras. It also illuminates the area in the direction you want people to be aware of your driving.

Night Safety

Our Trailers come with safety white reflectors to the front, amber reflectors to the side and red to the rear as standard. These are for safety at night when parked and unhitched and in order that the trailers are fully visible from all sides to oncoming vehicles.


Whether It’s a 2700kg or 3500 kg rated hitch, all our hitch’s and couplings have a lockable position for greater security Whether travelling on a journey or in a parked position. All Variant Trailers have an easy to use independent handbrake system built alongside the extra strong coupling.


It is vital for you to have absolute confidence in your trailer, particularly when your operating day depends on it too. That’s why we develop the very strongest and sturdiest trailers you will find from Europe. Our tried-and-tested welding technology makes us unique in being able to supply transport solutions that have got what it takes to take on any job.

For Specs, see the “Trailer Information” section above, or the Variant Trailers website.

All of our trailers are designed and manufactured in Denmark for optimum quality, for this reason we may not have all trailers in stock at the time of enquiry. Please remember whether it is a bench made trailer or manufactured to order always allow yourself an ample time period to get the right trailer to fit your needs. Contact us to order now! 

Optional Extras Available With This Model:

LED light set exterior
Driving ramps 2000 kg 200 cm
Driving ramp wide 70 × 200 cm

For additional trailer information, see the “Specifications” section above, or the Variant Trailers website.
Variant trailers are designed and manufactured in Denmark with maximum quality and strength, sometimes the trailer for sale may not be one of the trailers in stock. We pride ourselves with the finest of quality & crafted galvanised trailers for sale, that will suit your needs with designs to meet your trailer requirements. When searching Google or Bing- trailers for sale, think robust, tough, capacity, weight, ease of use and towability, for maximum return on your investment. Contact us to order your trailer now!

Additional information

Weight5 kg


Product Code

2719 F4


Enclosed Trailers, Freeze Series

Internal Dimensions (LxWxH)

404x171x183 cm

Total Dimensions (LxWxH)

602x234x248 cm

Rear Opening Dimensions (WxH)

171×183 cm

Tare Weight

1,090 kg

Total Weight (ATM)

2,700 kg

Payload Capacity

1,610 kg

Loading Height

59 cm


13", 4 Wheels


2 Axles, With Brakes

Side Material

Foam Panel with Fiberglass Coating 80mm

Floor Material

Foam Panel + Aluminium 20cm up the sides

Interior Tie Down Anchor Points

2 Lashing Rails

Other Included Features

4 Heavy Duty Support Legs, Govi Freezer Unit Freezing to -20 degrees c, Jockey Wheel, Rear Doors With Built-In Lock

Optional Extras

Driving Ramps 2000kg 250cm, LED Lights Kit with Control Box, Wide Driving Ramp 70x200cm

Rough Size In Feet


Cooling Temperature

Cooling down to -20 ° C

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