Accommodation Trailer 730 Model B – Seperate Beds (7.3 x 2.48 x 2.9 m)

4 person portable accomodation unit fully equipped with bathroom, kitchenette and 2 sets of bunk beds at either end. The perfect staff caravan for on-site jobs or as a tiny home in the back yard.


Mobile home for everyone

The trailer is often used around construction sites when it is necessary for the staff to stay at the place for long periods of time. It is also used at larger festivals for guests who wish to live under more comfortable conditions as well as families temporarily unable to access their own homes.

Easy to use and clean

The trailer is connected to a standard towbar and can be set up and ready in a few minutes. This makes it possible to move the trailer from place to place quickly and efficiently without any hassle. The trolley is made of clean and durable materials, saving time for cleaning and maintenance.

Dimensions & Weight

External: 7300 x 2480 x 2900 mm

Internal: 7196 x 2376 x 2200 mm

Own weight: 2200 kg

Total weight: 2600 kg

Capacity: 4 people


Toilet with waste disposal, shower cabinet, hand basin

Countertop with sink, ceramic hob, hood, oven, microwave

Fridge, freezer*, washing machine*, drier* (* = optional)

4 kitchen shelves, 3 bathroom shelves

Fixed table 1200 x 690 mm, 4 chairs

4 separate bedrooms with spring mattresses

Windows: 1 1245 x 825 mm, 4 663 x 1180 mm, 1 510 x 410 mm

Technical compartment, free standing steps, 7 radiators

Plumbing and electricity

400 V – 16 A CEE Input, 230 V – 16 A CEE Output

30 L water heater

LED light ribbon

electrical switchboard

Ideal For

Scanvogn portable accommodation block trailers are ideal for a range of industries and applications such as:

  • Music Festivals
  • Catering & Hospitality Events
  • Field Day Events
  • Glamping Grounds
  • Horse & Country Events
  • Motor Racing
  • Construction & Demolition Sites
  • Exhibitions & Shows
  • Outdoor Events
  • Private Functions
  • Sporting Events

The trailers provide clean and hygienic accommodation facilities for customers, guests and staff.

Additional information

Weight5 kg