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Whole or partial Trailer Wrap that will market and advertise your business to the Max. With business costs so high, it makes sense that your trailer is your mobile marketing billboard. A fraction of the cost of direct adverting, greater return on investment.

Initial cost of wrap, then free advertising every day and night where your trailer is parked or where your trailer travels to.

Whether you purchase a Variant construction trailer with aluminium sides, cargo trailer or a Scanvogn mobile office or toilet trailer – you are on a winner.

This could increase your business by 15-30% Think $$$, think product – A2B Trailers.


These prices are indicative only for Variant Trailers. For Scanvogn wraps or contruction trailer business wraps. Do let us know, we will helpfully assist you.

Trailer Wrap (including setup) (1)715 C2
B715 C2
1315 C2
 $       1,932
Trailer Wrap (including setup) (2)2005 C3
2517 C3
1315 HT
1305 C3
 $       2,170
Trailer Wrap (including setup) (3)1317 C4 $       2,360
Trailer Wrap (including setup) (4)2005 CVB35
2705 CVB35
 $       2,442
Trailer Wrap (including setup) (5)2705 ​​CVB42 $       2,604
Trailer Wrap (own setup) (1)715 C2
B715 C2
1315 C2
 $       1,221
Trailer Wrap (own setup) (2)1315 HT
1305 C3
 $       1,384
Trailer Wrap (own setup) (3)2005 C3
2517 C3
 $       1,438
Trailer Wrap (own setup) (4)1317 C4 $       1,627
Trailer Wrap (own setup) 95)2005 CVB35
2705 CVB35
 $       1,709
Trailer Wrap (own setup) (6)2705 ​​CVB42 $       1,872

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