Scanvogn – 2in1 Toilet Trailer (2.4 x 1.8 x 2.7m)

The 2in1 Toilet trailer with 2 cubicle toilets and water basins. Toilets are water flushable with external waste connection and water or tank. Elegant design, galvanised, easy to use and clean, completely portable. Scanvogn products are exclusive of GST

Portable Toilet Block Trailer

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Model Name

Model A – 240 2in 1 toilet unit with tank toilet Model B – 240 2in 1 toilet unit with flushing toilet Model C – 240 2in 1 toilet unit with flushing toilet & external urinals

Model Number

Model A (Tank) – 1800108/1850004 Model B – (Flush) – 1800106/1850002 Model C – (External Urinal) – 1003328/1852870

Internal Dimensions

1906 x 1746 x 2100 mm

External Dimensions

2400 x 1850 x 2700 mm

Own Weight

700 kg

Total Weight

750 kg


1 person


*NOTE. Varies between models. 2 toilets 2 hand basins 2 external hand basins (Model C only) 4 tempo taps External urinal (Model C only) 4 towel holders, 4 coat hooks 2 windows 510 x 410 mm Technical compartment, fan heater 2 tilting steps 230 V – 16 A CEE inlet, 230 V – 16 A CEE outlet 15 L water heater LED light strip Electrical circuit panel


2in1 Toilet Trailer 240

Portable toilets

Provides two toilet and hand basin cubicles in one simple solution.

The 2in1 Toilet Trailer 240 is often used by:

  • People whose homes are undergoing renovation
  • Construction and building sites where staff need access to an on-site toilet.
  • Outdoor events such as parties, weddings, markets, parades and performances.

All Scanvogn cabins are customisable so if the standard solution isn’t quite what you need, you can make your portable toilet exactly the way you want it. There is a range of additional options that can be included.

Toilet Type

Standard 240 Model A – Tank Toilet $20,781

The tank toilet is our simplest toilet solution. It has a tank capacity of 200 visits and comes with a 65 L water stand, which functions as both a hand basin and flushing mechanism. The toilet does not require any power and can therefore work as an independent solution. Thanks to the toilet’s construction, it cannot get blocked and therefore rarely needs servicing. The tank has a ventilation pipe to remove any odours.

Standard 240 Model B – Water Flushing Toilet With Waste Disposal $22,573

This model comes equipped with our standard flushing toilet waste disposal. For people who have a connection to external water and drainage on site, then this is the toilet solution for you. The toilet works like a normal toilet in the home (but with disposal for extra reliability) and therefore feels natural and comfortable. We supply the toilet in an upright or wall-mounted version, and with or without visible pipes. If the pipes are hidden, the cabin is built with a technical compartment, for easy servicing of the toilet.

Standard 240 Model C – Water Flushing Toilet With Waste Disposal + External Urinal $26,463

Adding an external urinal and external hand basin means you can increase the capacity of visits at any one time. See the video here to view how the external urinal is set up.

Easy To Use & Clean

The trailer is connected to a standard towbar and can be set up and ready in a few minutes. This makes it possible to move the trailer from place to place quickly and efficiently without any hassle. The trailer is made of clean and durable materials, and sleek minimalistic designs, saving time for cleaning and maintenance.

Scanvogn portable shower & toilet block trailers are ideal for a range of industries and applications such as:

  • Music Festivals
  • Catering & Hospitality Events
  • Field Day Events
  • Glamping Grounds
  • Horse & Country Events
  • Motor Racing
  • Construction & Demolition Sites
  • Exhibitions & Shows
  • Outdoor Events
  • Private Functions
  • Sporting Events

The trailers provide easily accessible, clean and hygienic ablution facilities for customers, guests and staff.

Also available in a larger sized unit called the 420 4+2 with 4 toilets, 2 urinals & 2 hand basis, 570 model -5+2 urinals & 3 hand basins. (with a partition wall if you want to separate men & women).


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