tiny home australia

Luxury Tiny Homes & Mobile Cabins with European Style.

  • Recently we have teamed up with Scanvogn to bring you the very best in tiny homes and mobile cabins.
  • This is the future of mobile living in self-sustainable and reliable accommodation.
  • Your unit can be installed almost anywhere due to its easy to use and simplistic design
  • They are ideal for Airbnb’s, wineries, ski stays, and beach retreats, or even that special guest accommodation for your property.
  • These units come fully solar protected and thermally insulated.
  • They are acoustically-excellent with double glazed windows as standard.
  • All of the units are built on a strong hot-dipped galvanized chassis.
  • The structures are built with single molded roofing. This sleek design can handle the toughest of Australian conditions.


  • Sizes – 6.6m x 2.5m
  • Tare- 2416 kg, GVM 2800 Kg
  • Water-saving Toilet type: Tank (Vacuum, with a tank – 170L fresh water, 220L wastewater)
  • Freshwater – tank or hose Tank and/or hose
  • Shower waste -. Hot water supply Built-in- 30L
  • Electricity -mains or generator
  • A/C model Olympia, Splendid.
  • TV-Finlux smart TV (Hotel tv).

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